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Search continues for county engineer

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Apparently Bandera County's search for an engineer to replace newly retired Ray Rendon continues unabated ¬- albeit with a different recruiting firm than was originally announced.
According to information from Precinct 1 Commissioner Bob Grimes, both the Avery Group, the court's first choice, and Lucas Group had withdrawn from consideration - even on a contingency basis - because it was felt "the low end of the salary [offered by the county] was not workable." According to the court, the current salary for county engineer is $85,000.
However, Principal Resource Group of Nevada City, California was still available to work for the county on a contingency basis.
The company's fee for the search would be 30 percent of the candidate's first year's projected earnings. In addition, PRG's service fees on a this kind of search would be payable only if Bandera County hires a candidate within a year after being identified by the agency. However, if the candidate doesn't work out within 60 days, the full service fee will be refunded to the county.
"If they can't find anyone or we don't hire their candidate, the county pays nothing," Grimes said.
During the discussion, Judge Richard Evans said that one "viable candidate," who had been a previous resident of Bandera County, had apparently applied for the engineer position. "It may not work out, but it's progress," Evans said.
The deadline to submit applications to the county is April 3. According to Auditor Christina Moreno, to stay consistent with county policy, no applicants could be interviewed until after then.
Precinct 2 Commissioner Bobby Harris said, "I only want a contingency search." A retained search is the more expensive of the two.
It was decided to hire Principal Resource Group after the April 3 deadline. Also, as it was understood, should another in-house search be done after April 3, any candidate hired independently would not be subject to the contingency fee. "If they bring a candidate we have already talked to, we don't owe a fee," Grimes said.
Harris made a motion to postpone retaining RPG until the county's April 3 deadline to receive applications. His motion passed 2-1 with Grimes voting against it. Explaining his vote, Grimes said, "If our applications don't work out, we'll have to come to court again about this and that will be more time lost."
Precinct 4 Commission Jordan "Jody" Rutherford was absent.