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SWCD offers range plants book


The Bandera County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is selling copies of Ricky Linex's Range Plants of North Central Texas. The book is available for a $20 donation to the SWCD.
The 345-page spiral bound book features full color pictures of a wide range of plants that call Central Texas home. The pages are 8.5x11 with a sturdy cover.
The SWCD, USDA, Park Cities Quail, Quail Coalition, Rolling Plains Quail and the Texas Wildlife Association Foundation co-sponsored the production of the book.
Each plant is identified by species and family name, the origin, longevity and season of growth, distribution and seed scale. Sharp photos feature both blooming and dormant plants, pictures of seeds, leaves and bark to aid in identification.
Identification descriptors are clear and easy to understand. The plants' value as to livestock and wildlife is also thoroughly explained. In addition, each plant includes a section on management.
For more information about the book, stop by the SWCD office at Mansfield Park, 2886 Highway 16 North, in Bandera.