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Structure fire in River Bend Estates

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Photo by John Stith
By the time firefighters arrived at the scene of this house fire in River Bend Estates, flames were shooting from the structure's roof. No injuries were reported.

A fire reported last week in River Bend Estates destroyed 70 percent of a house before firefighters could get it under control.
Noticing smoke coming from the end of the doublewide in the 200 block of Dove, a passerby reported the fire to emergency dispatch at 12:17 pm, Wednesday, Feb. 4. Firefighters with the Bandera Volunteer Fire Department arrived at the scene shortly after the blaze was called in. River Bend Estates is located off Highway 16 North.
However, by the time the firefighting crew arrived, flames were shooting through the roof of the mobile home. After assessing the situation, Bandera firefighters requested assistance from units from Lake Shore, Medina, Pipe Creek and Tarpley.
Two women and two children reportedly lived in the home. Fortunately, none were there when the fire started. However, multiple animals were trapped in the burning structure and not all of them survived.
According to Bandera County Fire Marshal John Stith, EMS medical personnel attempted to resuscitate one of the pets to no avail.
"Although firefighters made quick entry into the burning building, most of the animals had already succumbed to smoke inhalation," Stith said. He also noted that a small dog survived the ordeal with just minor injuries.
A preliminary investigation indicated that the fire had likely been caused by a malfunction of an extension cord that had been connected to an air conditioning unit.