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BCRAGD holds brief called meeting, hosts Plateau group

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

Pictured: BCRAGD board members Don Kruckemeyer and Don Sloan chat prior to the board meeting Wednesday.

The Bandera County River Authority and Groundwater District held a brief called meeting Wednesday, Feb. 18, to officially call for their May 2015 election.
The board also agreed to contract with the Bandera County Election Officer to administer the election for the district.
The board also voted to accept an offer for the purchase of three properties in Paris Estates and one in River Bend Estates that have been off the tax rolls. If the offer is approved by the other taxing entities, Bandera ISD and Bandera County, it will be accepted and the properties will once again be on the taxable property rolls.
General Manager Dave Mauk reminded everyone that the county is in the Extreme Drought Stage.
On Thursday morning, BCRAGD hosted a meeting of the Plateau Water Planning Group. The group is finalizing plans on regional water planning procedures and recommendations. Draft copies of proposals can be found on the UGRA website.
Member John Ashcraft urged the other members to submit their recommendations for proposals, procedures, definitions and more. "The Texas Water Development Board will deliver these recommendations to the Legislature," he said.
Bill Hutchison presented a hydrogeologic study and groundwater model from Val Verde County that looked at aquifers, wells, springs, Rio Grande River flow, and Amistad Lake using accumulated data from the TWDB.
Hutchison voiced one reason for members to provide input for the Legislature. "The State wants to treat surface water and groundwater separately, but [we've learned from this study] that they're all the same thing. They're all tied together."
The next meeting of the planning group will be held April 8 in Leakey. The meetings are always open to the public.