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Bandera - Crawford = no Rx choices

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Due to a paucity of information, this will no doubt be a very short article on a very important development in Bandera.
Reportedly, the drugstore giant, CVS, has purchased Crawford Pharmacy, Bandera's the last remaining quasi "local" pharmacy.
Employees of Crawford Pharmacy, located inside Lowe's Grocery at 907 Main Street, were informed of the pending sale last week. They were told that, in the future, they would work at the CVS Pharmacy, 1202 Main Street - and that no jobs would be eliminated. The move is supposed to take place on March 6.
Earlier, the CVS Corporation had purportedly purchased a consumer list from Boyle's Bandera Pharmacy, Inc., which subsequently closed. Now, employees of the Bandera Independent School District are required to use the CVS Pharmacy for their prescription needs - a dictate that did not sit well with all employees.
Another harbinger of the sale occurred about a month ago when Crawford Pharmacy stopped advertising in the Courier. After contacting the corporate office, Courier Advertising Manager Dee Russ was told that advertising had ceased "at the Bandera location only." When Russ asked for an explanation, none was forthcoming.
Adding fuel to a potential fire, rumors have surfaced periodically that CVS plans to build a larger facility on a vacant lot on Main Street. However, the gossip grapevine has not scheduled a groundbreaking for the chimerical construction as yet.
In 2013, CVS Pharmacy purchased Braun Medicine Chest. At that time, CVS had acquired 19 Medicine Chest pharmacies throughout the Lone Star State. Ten of the stores were closed.
On the other side of town, Crawford Pharmacy opened in 2008 inside the then-Super S, but by 2012, the family-owned chain had been sold via a very tight-lipped deal. In fact the only indication that any change had taken place came when the Bandera Community Foundation was booted from a renovated house that had served as its free digs courtesy of the Crawford family. The building was then rented to a realty firm.
Despite repeated attempts to contact the CVS public relations department for information on the sale, calls were not returned by press time.