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'Biodiversity through Heirloom Seeds'


The Madrona Garden Club meets this month at 2 pm, Thursday Feb. 19, at the Fellowship Hall of the Bandera Methodist Church, 1103 Cedar Street.
Recent garden club members, Gaston and Raina Perez, will discuss "Biodiversity Through Heirloom Seeds." The presentation will offer an overview of the seed industry and why biodiversity needs to be protected now more than ever.
The couple combines backgrounds in health, technology and sustainability with a passion for organic gardening. They will bring tips and ideas on how to ensure a variety of reliable, healthy seeds and food for years to come.
Members of the Bandera Madrona Garden Club give a very special thank you to the Home Depot in Kerrville for their generous holiday donation of poinsettias for the Meals On Wheels Program in Bandera. "They were sure to put a smile on their faces," said a club spokesman, adding, "A special thanks to Home Depot's garden supervisor Jim Potter for being so kind and helpful.