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Suspect in shooting incident arrested

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

A suspect in a shooting incident - who has been on the lam since Jan. 10 - has been apprehended and remanded to the Bandera County Jail.
Johnny Sizemore Jr., 33, has been on the run since he allegedly shot Shawn Weber, 38, point blank through the neck during an argument, said Bandera County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Matt King in an earlier interview.
At approximately 7:56 am, on Tuesday, Jan. 27, Deputy JJ Martinez was on a routine patrol in the Lakehills area when he noticed a vehicle at the suspect's house, located on 20th Street. Martinez's knock on the door was answered by the suspect's father.
After the man acknowledged that his son was in the house, Martinez immediately arrested the suspect for felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. A warrant had been issued earlier for his arrest. Backup deputies soon arrived to assist Martinez.
According to King, Sizemore was taken into custody without a struggle and transported to the county jail where he remains on a $100,000 bond. "Although we had received reports of Mr. Sizemore in Lakehills, other people maintained that he had left the area. I said, 'No he's here somewhere. Lakehills is all he knows'," King said.
The incident started when an argument began after Weber visited the home of Sizemore Jr., a neighbor and acquaintance. The fracas culminated with Sizemore allegedly pulling what is believed to be a .40 caliber handgun and shooting Weber point blank, according to the law enforcement report. After being wounded, Weber sought refuge at the home of another neighbor and Sizemore Jr. fled the scene.
According to King at the time, although Weber was shot through the neck, the bullet did not strike any vital organs. After exiting, the bullet grazed Weber's shoulder and was recovered at the scene of the shooting. Miraculously, Weber did not suffer any serious injuries nor did he require surgery for the wounds.