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BCSO attempts to return swag

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Law enforcement administrators with the Bandera County Sheriff's Office are attempting to locate individuals who may have been victims of burglaries committed on or before June 29, 2011.
The BCSO currently holds property listed below that was recovered from a burglary. However, owners of the property are unknown.
If you were a victim of a burglary and believe the property might belong to you, contact BCSO at 830-796-4323 and speak with Cpl. Carlos Reyes.
Unclaimed property will be destroyed or sold at public auction.
The items include:
• Bracelet with a flower on it
• Silver necklace
• Gold-colored necklace
• Two pearl necklaces
• Silver necklace with stone pendant
• Silver ring with stone
• Three pairs of pearl earrings
• Black box with misc. earrings
• Silver bracelet with hearts
• Gold necklace with coral stones
• Gold & silver bracelet
• Five round containers with varied stones
• Silver bracelet
• Red bag with coins
• Bible with a silver chain and pendant
• Nikon camera
• Angle grinder
• Three staple guns