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Blood drive at Mansfield Park


Grace Lutheran Church will sponsor a blood drive Saturday, Jan. 31, at the Show Barn at Mansfield Park from 11 am until 4 pm. Anyone interested in donating can contact Jerry Neuenschwander at 796-3577 or Grace Lutheran Church at 796-3091. Or they can simply log on to www.southtexasblood.org and register.
"This is a very important blood drive. We are falling very short of the blood allocated for the Bandera area and need all the donors who can possibly donate to help relieve the shortage," said organizing "Vampire" Neuenschwander. "
At the present there is a young pregnant woman who needs a liver transplant and is requiring a large amount of red blood cells. She is scheduled to deliver her baby soon. As they use the necessary blood for this purpose, we will be even further behind and need to replenish the supply."
The blood drive is held in conjunction with the Grace Lutheran Church's annual Wild Game Dinner which will begin serving at 4 pm.