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Library offers easy eBook check-out

By John Hegemier

By John Hegemier
Director, Bandera Public Library

According to the Pew Research Center over one-fifth of American adults have reported reading an electronic book in the past year. Pew Research also announced that electronic book readers are more likely to be an avid reader than their print only brethren. These adopters of the electronic format do not stop reading printed material; instead they commonly report reading both formats. This trend has been noticed by the publishing industry and they have responded by releasing more and more of their popular titles in both formats.
An eReader can be a device like the Kindle or the Nook that is specifically designed for reading, or it can be a smart phone with an eReading app installed. It can even be a home computer. The reason for the rapid rise in the popularity of eBooks is usually attributed to the speed and convenience of downloading a new book. Portability is another often cited reason. One eReading device allows the owner to carry an absurdly large amount of books with them at all times. For smart phone readers the ubiquity of their device allows the reader to read a chapter during a lull in their day - like during lunch or while waiting in a long line.
Have you or someone you know received an eReading device this past Christmas? If so, consider the advantages of borrowing an eBook from the library. As a patron of the library you have free access to thousands of books and audio books. There is no cost to the patron and the eBook can be downloaded from home or anywhere else where an internet connection is available. Once a book is borrowed you have two weeks to read the book upon which it will simply disappear from your device and become available for someone else to read.
The Bandera Public Library is a member of the Lone Star Digital Library. A link to this consortium is present on the library's website. If you have any difficulties or uncertainties, bring your digital device to the Library where a staff member will help you set up your device to begin borrowing books.