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Legal problems settled by 'Code of the West'

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Having a pesky legal problem and looking for a little "Heartland Justice," but are reluctant to involve courts or hire an attorney? If that's the case - no pun intended - then a new television show just might be looking for you.
Producers with a major network studio will assist residents of the Lone Star State settle disputes in an unprecedented manner - using the "Cowboy Code of the West." "We are looking for Texans who need some immediate legal assistance and feel they have nowhere else to turn," said a network spokesman.
This new television show will be based on the concept of Texas' old-time circuit-riding judges. The show will spotlight Texas residents who are currently facing real legal dilemmas that can be settled by using the old-fashioned common sense solutions associated with the Code of the West.
All issues will be reviewed and handled by an experienced legal team with judicial backing. Additionally, both parties involved in the process will receive monetary compensation.
Some possible issues suitable for a resolution on TV show might include:
• Involvement in a family feud
• Property dispute
• Problems with a neighbor
• Troubling situations in the community that need immediate attention
• Equipment failure that could have stemmed from a less-than-honest seller
• Interference with a successful livestock operation
• Major business dispute
• Disputes over pay
Those interested in having their troubling issues solved are asked to fire off an email to majorstudiocasting@gmail.com, using the subject "HEARTLAND JUSTICE." The email should include the applicant's name, contact information, recent photos and an explanation of the current legal issue. The show's casting producers will return emails as soon as possible.