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Surplus property available

Special to the Courier

The Texas Facilities Commission operates a State and a Federal Surplus Property Program in Texas. Both programs are excellent opportunities for organizations such as counties, cities, schools, and nonprofits to save money.
The Federal Surplus Property Program is based out of warehouses in San Antonio and Fort Worth. The federal program obtains property from the federal government and donates the property only to qualified organizations, such as state agencies, cities, counties, and schools, for a small handling fee. They have a wide variety of property available through the federal program. Some commonly available items include heavy equipment, tools, generators, fire trucks, trailers, vehicles, and furniture.
The state program is a little different in that unlike the federal program, state surplus property is offered for sale to the general public.
After a 10-day posting period, where only qualified entities can purchase, the state surplus property goes to the Austin warehouse to be sold to the general public.
TFC also offers state surplus property for sale to the general public through online auctions at www.lonestarauctioneers.com. Some commonly available items through the state surplus program include office furniture, office supplies, knives, multi-tools, cars, trucks, and SUVs.
For more information on the State and Federal Surplus Property Programs and to view available inventory, please visit their website: http://tfc.state.tx.us/divisions/supportserv/ or contact Megan Sim at megan.sim@tfc.state.tx.us or 512-463-4551.