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New TPWD plates approved

Special to the Courier

It's a tie! The winning designs for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's new conservation license plates are the hummingbird and the rattlesnake!
Many Texans helped select the design for the newest TPWD specialty license plates by casting a vote in the department's online survey. Almost from the beginning, it was a tight race - so tight that TPWD could not determine the clear favorite among the thousands who voted. In the end, only 51 votes separated the hummingbird and the rattlesnake, so TPWD decided to release both!
Both plates will be available this spring for cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers and RVs.
When a Conservation License Plate is purchased for $30/year (does not include regular registration fees), $22 goes to fund a vast array of projects that help protect native species such as the state's official reptile, the horned lizard.
For specific examples of how the money has been or is being used visit Where the Money Goes on TPWD's website.