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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, Dec. 15:
• A Pipe Creep was picked up for possessing paraphernalia.
• A Boob from Blanco remains in the jug after being busted on two felony drug charges, which include carrying a Penalty Grade 1 controlled substance and for being stupid enough to take the verboten narcotics into a correctional facility where he was obviously being booked.
• A Bandera Babe was discovered driving drunk for a second time - one more strike and "yer out, honey!"
Not so fortunate was an Elbow-Bending Banderan, who was stopped for a felony third DWI.
• A Hick from Hunt being housed for Gillespie County also is faced with a so-called felony "Blue Warrant," which indicates a possible parole revocation.
Wednesday, Dec. 17:
• A Lakehills Lackey was nicked for being dogged by two traffic warrants and another for failing to appear.
A simple misdemeanor motion to revoke her probation put a kibosh on the good times of a Bombshell from Bandera.
• An A-Hole from Alvin remains under Lock & Key, charged with two felonies, stealing a vehicle and attempting - nor very successfully as it turned out - to evade arrest with said vehicle.
Thursday, Dec. 18:
• A Boob from Bandera was busted for trespassing criminally.
• A Bandera Boozer and a San Antone Sot were both pinched for second DWIs.
• A Simpleton from San Leon found herself on the wrong side of John Law for pot possession and because she had apparently failed to heed the kind ministrations of a former court.
• As did a Bandera Bonehead who also failed to follow the suggestions of not one, but two previous courts.
Friday, Dec. 19:
• Okay, so this local yokel thought he could fool authorities by fashioning his own license place. RU kidding me!!! I'd like to see that attempt.
• A traffic offense had purportedly been accumulated by a Bad-Driving Banderan.
• Three hots and a cot are still being enjoyed by a Moron from Moorsville, who accumulated two felony warrants for skipping out on his bonds and another from an outside agency.
• Not only did a San Antonio Simpleton drive with an expired license, but he also had on his tail a pair of failure-to-appear warrants.
Saturday, Dec. 20:
• It wouldn't be a Sattidy nite in Bantucky without some Sap from San Antone being picked up for drunk driving, now would it?
• It appears a Pipe Creek Crackpot couldn't hold his likker in public and was arrested for his indiscretion.
Sunday, Dec. 21:
• A Clot from Conroe attempted to boost something worth less than $500, but failed.