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Show barn on court agenda

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Disposition of the show barn at Mansfield Park will feature prominently on the next agenda of Bandera County Commissioners Court. The meeting is scheduled for 10 am, Thursday, Dec. 11, on the second floor of the courthouse on Main Street.
The agenda item, requested by Precinct 4 Commissioner Doug King, reads: "Discuss the extension of the lease between Bandera County and the Bandera County Junior Livestock Show Association for the 'Show Barn' located at Mansfield Park."
Previously, rumors had surfaced indicating that a local nonprofit is interested in taking over the show barn's long-term lease and transforming the cavernous metal structure into a conference center. According to earlier reports and interviews, the transmogrified show-barn-into-conference-center would still be made available to house the Bandera County Junior Livestock Show & Sale in January.
Since his election, Precinct 3 Commissioner Andy Wilkerson has been researching ways to turn Mansfield Park into a profit-making venue.
The agenda item is sure to provoke lively discussions - regardless of which entity finally assumes control of the show barn.