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2014 Preservation Award

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Photo by Judith Pannebaker
Historical Commission Chairman Roy Dugosh and Elenora Dugosh Goodly presented longtime commission member Annette Kalka-Schulte, right, with the commission's prestigious 2014 Preservation Award at the Frontier Times Museum Thursday, Dec. 4.

Roy Dugosh, chairman of the Bandera County Historical Commission, and his sister, Elenora Dugosh Goodley, presented the 2014 Preservation Award to Annette Kalka-Schulte. The presentation took place Thursday, Dec. 4, during the Frontier Times Museum's annual membership Christmas party.
Presenting the award, Goodley noted, "Annette is not going to be surprised when she received this award. She wasn't going to attend the party, but I insisted, so she wanted to know why I was insisting. I had to tell her she was being honored with the award to get her here."
She is descended from Bandera County Polish immigrants, Franciszek Kalka and Franciska Lycek, who settled in the area in 1877. Kalka-Schulte was born here in 1937 and has been a county resident for over 70 years. After attending St. Joseph's Catholic Grammar School, she graduated from Bandera High School in 1955.
Kalka-Schulte received a degree in secondary education from the University of the Incarnate Word in 1959. That same year, she accepted a teaching position at San Antonio's Washington Irving Middle School and taught English for 36 years, until retiring in 1995. After her retirement, she became a member of the Bandera County Historical Commission and, 19 years later, still remains a valuable part of the commission. Her special projects and positions have included:
• Chairman of the City of Bandera walking tour.
• member of the historical building and sites research project
• County history consultant
• Proofreader for the historical marker narratives
As a member of the St. Stanislaus Catholic Church Historical Association, Kalka-Schulte served as a consultant for the St. Stanislaus parish's "150 Year Commemorative History," a book published in 2005. She is also director and manager for the St. Stanislaus Museum.
"For her distinguished volunteer service in preserving the history of Bandera County, the Bandera County Historical Commission awards Annette Kalke-Schulte the 2014 Preservation award," Goodly noted.
For her part, although Kalke-Schulte might not have been surprised by the award, nevertheless, she was extremely grateful for the recognition by her colleagues.
Past recipients of this prestigious award have included Peggy Tobin, Dave Burell and Goodley.