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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, Nov. 24:
• I must say, even a Lunkhead from Lakehills should know you need a license, duly issued by the State of Texas, to motor along merrily - even in the Free State of Bantucky.
• So, this San Antonio Skell thought he could just burgle a habitat in the Hill Country with impunity. Imagine his surprise after discovering he's still under Lock & Key for his ill-starred felony.
• Despite being charged with a quintet of misdemeanors, such as driving without a license; having outstanding warrants, including traffic and failing to appear; not changing his address - on his non-existent driver's license, I presume; and for not having a valid vehicle registration, this Blockhead from Bandera spent but a single night in the quod.
• A single traffic offense sent a Lakehills Lout to the slammer for the same amount of time.
Tuesday, Nov. 25:
• A Center Point Prisoner attempted to escape but seems to have failed and now he's still confined to the county can, charged with a felony.
• Not only was a Crapulent Citizen of Pipe Creek charged with a first DWI, he was also found to be in possession of a expired driver's license.
Wednesday, Nov. 26:
• A Bad-Tempered Banderan definitely crossed over to the Wrong Side of the Law after he apparently assaulted someone by contact.
• No doubt eager to celebrate The Morrow's Turkey Day, a couple of Rummys from Alice and Bandera, respectively, were purportedly pie-eyed in public.
• A local weedwacker was picked up for possession pot.
Thursday, Nov. 27:
• Disorderly conduct occurred after a Carrizo Springs Scofflaw was offered dark meat instead of preferred white meat of turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Or, I could be wrong. Maybe something else set him off.
Friday, Nov. 28:
• A Souse from San Antone was stopped for a first DWI.
Saturday, Nov. 29:
• So, what's a Sattiday nite without some Boozer from Bandera being unable to hold is likker in public?
• A Lakehills Hick remains confined to the county can for driving with an expired license and, for good measure, being dogged by a failure-to-appear warrant.
Sunday, Nov. 30:
• To celebrate the Sabbath, a Bandera Boozer publically proclaimed his love of the grape or was it the hops?
A Sinner from San Antonio remains a guest of the Doo • Drop Inn on account of him not paying attention to the suitable suggestions of previous courts. That would be two misdemeanor capius pro fine warrants.