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Watch out for FOG


The kitchen's steaming, the guests are hungry, and the cook is ready for a break. Dishes are piling up and the quickest way to make some room to finish up is to pour something's down the sink. Don't!
Don't pour cooking oil, pan drippings, bacon grease, or salad dressings down the sink.
FOG - fats, oils, and grease - poured down kitchen drains accumulates inside sewer pipes. As the FOG builds up, it restricts the flow in the pipe and can cause untreated wastewater to back up into homes and businesses, resulting in high costs for cleanup and restoration.
Follow these tips to help protect water quality in your community and prevent rate increases to cover sewer maintenance.
• Scrape food scraps into the trash, not the sink. Even non-greasy food scraps can plug your home's sewer lines. Keep a "trash" bowl handy in the prep area to make collecting all those bits and pieces more convenient.
• Recycle used cooking oil, or properly dispose of it by pouring it into a sealable container and placing the sealed container in the trash. Having that container handy on the counter will keep the cook from using the sink.
• To recycle large amounts, such as what's left over from frying a turkey, contact a local recycler by looking in the yellow pages under "Greases" or "Rendering."