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- Law West and East of Privilege Creek -

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, Nov. 3:
• A Bandera Boozer got popped for a felony third DWI.
• A felony warrant from an outside agency put the skids on the good times of a Babe from Bandera.
• Driving without a license is still a "no-no" in the Free State of Bantucky - as one bandito discovered.
• A New Braunfels Nitwit found himself on the wrong side of John Law after being picked up for a quartet of felony warrants - all from various outside agencies.
• Ditto a Bandera Bad Girl ...
Tuesday, Nov. 4:
• A pugilist from Pipe Creek was nailed after he assaulted someone with bodily injury.
• A 51-year-old Miscreant from Medina was seized for my favorite misdemeanor, having a fictitious inspection sticker bolstered by a felony charge for tampering with or fabricating evidence.
• Oh, no a resident of the Creek District apparently went one toke over the line.
• While a guy from Lakehills purportedly possessed the pipe with which to smoke it - or something.
• A Pipe Creep not only assaulted someone by contact, but also failed to identify himself to a responding deputy.
• A Clot from Comfort was being dogged by two misdemeanor traffic warrants and another that indicated he had previously failed to appear.
Thursday, Nov. 6:
• So, this Bandera Blockhead could not only be considered a weedwacker, but he was also found to be carrying a felony controlled substance, which may account for his prolonged stay in the slammer.
• A Chump from Pipe Creek was collared for retaliating in a felonious manner and assaulting someone by contact, to boot.
• After a 60-year-old Cat's Paw from the Cowboy Capital was apparently stopped and discovered to be driving without a license, an arresting deputy marshal also found out he was being trailed by three misdemeanor warrants that indicated he had not paid strict attention to the suggestions of previous courts.
Saturday, Nov. 8:
• A F'burg Alky motored all the way to our fair spot in the Hill Country only to be nailed for her first DWI.
Sunday, Nov. 9:
• If there's one thing less attractive than someone who is three sheets to the wind in public, it's a guy who's that and attempts to resist arrest.
• A Soak from San Antone will soon have a first DWI on her record.
• Okay, this lovely young thang from Pipe Creek remains confined to the County Can on seven misdemeanor charges that include two warrants that indicated she had not followed, to the letter, the well-thought-out suggestions of previous courts, a trio of failure-to-appear warrants and a couple of driving without a license admonishments - in the form of warrants - thrown in for good measure.
• Well this Bandera Bad Girl celebrated the Sabbath by assaulting someone by contact and remains under Lock & Key for her trouble.
• A Kerr-Vert thought he didn't need a license to motor along merrily in the Cowboy Capital. He was wrong and is still getting "three hots and a cot" courtesy of local taxpayers.
Monday, Nov. 10:
• A Bumpkin from Bandera remains a guest of the X Bar Inn after it was discovered he had on his tail a trio of misdemeanor warrants that, once again, indicated he had not paid any attention to the recommendations of any previous courts.