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AACOG Academy offers free school marshal training

Special to the Courier

In 2013, the Texas State Legislature created a special class of law enforcement officers called "School Marshals." Texas School Marshals are specially assigned school employees who are licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) to respond with the authority and arrest powers of a Texas Peace Officer in the event of a threat of serious bodily injury or death to children, staff, or visitors on a school premise.
The Alamo Area Council of Governments Regional Law Enforcement Academy (AACOG Academy) in San Antonio was recently awarded a grant from the Criminal Justice Division of the Texas Governor's Office to train eligible school employees to become licensed Texas School Marshals.
Under this state-wide grant, the AACOG Academy will provide the school marshal licensing training to school employees from school districts and open-enrollment charter schools at no cost to the schools.
Participants in the program will receive training in physical school security, administering first aid, specialized firearms training, and rapid response to active shooter attacks.
The duties of a school marshal are in addition to a school employee's normal job position. Eligible school employees must have a current conceal handgun license (CHL) and be sent by their employer to attend the training. All participants must pass the same background and psychological testing that Texas Peace Officers must pass.
The first AACOG School Marshal class is scheduled for Dec. 14-20, and will be held at the Bexar County Sheriff's Academy, located at 3805 Farm Road, San Antonio, TX 78223.
Schools interested in taking advantage of this program should contact the AACOG Academy for more information at (210) 362-5291 or dhaby@aacog.com.