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Arthur Nagel Community Clinic observes Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Making a difference through the Well Woman Program

By K. Irene Stone, Director of Development

There are women who, because of low-income or no healthcare insurance, live in a world of unknown anxiety and fear. They put off life-saving mammograms and ultrasounds because they have nowhere else to turn.
Thankfully in Bandera County we have the Arthur Nagel Community Clinic to step in and help these women receive the necessary exams, tests, and treatments through our Well Woman Program-an exciting part of the Clinic's preventive healthcare program.
Well Woman was developed to meet the needs of women who have not had regular checkups. Many women, even if they do not have a family history of cancer, will put off having an annual checkup when life stresses interfere, money is tight, or the family is in a crisis.
The clinic is here to remind them that their health is important!
It is easy to enroll in the Arthur Nagel Community Clinic Well Woman Program. For women who qualify (no healthcare insurance, low-income, and a Bandera County resident), the Clinic offers free physical examinations, pap tests, birth control, mammograms, urinalysis, screening for colon cancer, STD testing, pregnancy tests, prenatal care referrals, and healthy lifestyle counseling.
We schedule mammograms through the Cristus Santa Rosa mobile mammogram unit and offer cervical cancer screening through our referral network.
The few women found to have malignancies are immediately referred to oncologists. This is the fourth year for the Well Woman Program, and there has been a steady growth in the number of women participating. The Well Woman Program is making a difference in the lives of Bandera County women!
If you would like to help support the Well Woman Program and help the women in our community get screened, contact the Arthur Nagel Community Clinic at 830-796-3448 or go online at www.NagelClinic.org.
For more elaborate tests and treatment, we need financial support from caring individuals so please consider making a donation today.
And for more information on breast cancer detection, treatment, and support groups, check the Susan G. Komen website at ww5.komen.org. We are winning the war against breast cancer ... one woman at a time.