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Education foundation praises BISD's rankings

Special to the Courier

The Bandera ISD Education Foundation has congratulated Bandera ISD and Bandera High School on its exceptional college readiness programs, exceeding the 2014 state and national college entrance exam scores.
On the ACT exam, BHS students exceeded the national average in every area. BHS also exceeded the state average SAT scores in the areas of critical reading and writing, and exceeded the national average in mathematics.
"Our young people's foundation starts at home," said Education Foundation Director Sam Womble. "Their success academically is a testament to the quality of teachers and school administrators we have locally. Through our leadership's commitment to education, our youth are more prepared than ever. We are very fortunate in Bandera County."
The Foundation is also pleased to announce that BISD attained superior scores on state accountability measures.
The district and all of its campuses received the Met Standard rating under the latest accountability ratings released by the Texas Educaiton Agency.
Prior to the new rating system, BISD was a "Recognized District."
Under the new ratings, BHS received four academic distinctions in mathematics, social studies, closing the performance gap, and post-secondary readiness.
Bandera Middle School earned distinction designations in mathematics and in closing the performance gap.
Distinction designations are awarded to campuses based on performance indicators relative to a group of 40 campuses identified by TEA to be of similar type, size and student demographics.