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Good work of rescuers, vols, and more recognized Saturday

Special to the Courier

The Bandera County Animal Control Facility is not, and cannot be operated like a "no kill" rescue organization. Nevertheless, through the efforts of county officials, local residents and rescue organizations, the facility has completed a year without having to euthanize any dogs for space.
To celebrate the successes made possible by the adoptive parents, responsible owners, volunteers and rescue groups, a celebration thank you party will be held Saturday, Nov. 1, at the Fire Station in Bandera from 10 am to 2 pm.
Free breakfast tacos, coffee, orange juice, water, donuts and T-Shirts will be available on a first come first served basis. This party is hosted by volunteers, not by Bandera County.
The public is invited to come, celebrate, and learn about the wonderful groups and people who have made all of this good work possible, including the following:
• A Doggie 4 You, rescued over 70 dogs from the facility since the first of the year.
• Homeward Bound, assisted with A Doggie 4 You's rescues, and rescued in excess of 5 dogs on its own.
• Hill Country Daisy Fund, rescued a mom and 7 pups.
• Diana Ross-Hanson, rescued 5 dogs.
• R&R Rescue Ranch, rescued 3 dogs.
• Sandra Schott, rescued 2 dogs.
• Hill Country SPCA, rescued 2 dogs.
• Jacques Harrell, rescued 1 dog.
• Weimaraner of Texas, rescued 1 dog.
• Animal Welfare Society of Bandera, rescued a cat (shot with an arrow.)
• Many folks and groups that wish to remain anonymous, rescued 22 dogs.
In summary, over 100 dogs and cats have been rescued since the first of the year. In addition, over 80 dogs and cats have been adopted and over 60 dogs have been returned to their owners by Bandera County Animal Control.
When the county shelter became the owner of 36 Chihuahuas, Ms. Rose came to our aid for an immediate, temporary place for the dogs to stay and Chihuahua Rescue and Transport of Texas came to our aid and donated spay and neuter services for 14 of these dogs.
Selfless volunteers, including Larry Haddad, Marianne Haddad, Nancy Miller, Linda James, Sandra Schott, Jacques Harrell, Jennifer Trevillian, Dr. Jennifer Sprague, Dr. Joseph Kitzman, Dr. Sylvie Kitzman, and Victoria Kitzman have given a combined total of over 600 hours of their time to help with the adoptions and rescues and to take care of the dogs and cats.
Other residents have found dogs and kept them, relieving the facility of the time and expense involved in impounding the dogs.
Volumes of vaccinations and other medications have been donated.
Larry Haddad and Marianne Haddad have contributed unlimited canned food for the dogs.
Very recently, 10th Life Surgical Center, a 501(c)(3) organized by Pat Godkin, created a d/b/a, the "Bandera Dog Fund". The purpose of BDF is to provide spay/neuter services, microchips, vaccines, heartworm tests/treatments and other treatments and services required to get animals in the Bandera Animal Control Facility adopted or moved into a rescue.
As of the date of this article, all of these services have been provided for 13 dogs from the Control Facility at the expense of the BDF.
Donations for the Bandera Dog Fund can be made at the Boerne Broadway Bank or any other Broadway Bank location under the "Bandera Dog Fund." In addition, donations can be made to a Go Fund Me account set up at gofundme.com/fafrlw or donations can be mailed to Bandera Dog Fund at 2252 Bump Gate Road, Pipe Creek, TX, 78063.