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Jr Livestock Show & Sale scoffs at bad economy

By Stephanie Parker

Bandera County Extension Agent Warren Thigpen said that preliminary estimates of the 73rd Bandera County Junior Livestock Show & Sale put it “well over $200,000,” down only slightly from last year’s $215,000.

“Money is still trickling in,” he said. “It will come in for about two weeks. I am pleased that we remain in the ballpark of last year’s sale - with the economy downturn. New buyers stepped in and filled in the gaps and we really appreciate what they did for these kids.”

Thigpen added, “This year, a lot more folks went in together as opposed to individual buyers. By pooling their money, buyers worked together to make sure that the kids got what they needed for their animals. Overall, it looks good for this year.”

There were more than 660 entries this year from 4-H and FFA members living in all parts of Bandera County.

There were 650 entries in the 2008 stock show and the auction brought an approximate $920 per lot. This year’s per-lot figures are not available yet.