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TCEQ contested case hearing announced


Commissioners with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality have scheduled an evidentiary contested case hearing on an application by BP Real Estate Investments, Ltd. to construct a sewer treatment plant at the Hills of Castle Rock subdivision.
The hearing will be held Jan. 26 through 30 in the district courtroom at the Medina County Courthouse in Hondo. Times will be announced later.

Following the hearing, a State Administrative Law Judge will present his recommendation to the three-member TCEQ Board of Commissioners. By law, the board may adopt his recommendation - or not.

Opposing BP’s application are the San Antonio Water System and the City of San Antonio, San Geronimo Valley Alliance, Inc. and private citizens, Randy Johnson, Lisa Cross, Dewane Schott, Gary Schott, John Hernandez, Neil Hernandez and Jack Love.

The weeklong contested case hearing will culminate more than two years of opposition by local residents to BP’s proposal to dump 225,000 gallons per day initially of treated effluent into pristine San Geronimo Creek.

According to those opposing the application, the effluent from the water treatment facility would endanger the health, safety and welfare of people living along the creek. They also contend it could potentially affect 1.7 million people in the Greater San Antonio Area who depend on potable water from the Edwards Aquifer. 

The Dallas developer plans to build 3,500 units on 1,766 acres to accommodate 12,000 residents near the intersection of Highway 16 South - aka Bandera Road - and Park Road 37. At build-out, it is estimated that up to one million gallons of effluent - not treated to drinking water standards - would be released into San Geronimo Creek.

Forty acres of the huge residential and commercial development sprawls across the Medina County line into Bandera County.
For more details on the hearing and proposed development, visit www.sangeronimovalleyalliance.com.