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What's new with the horned lizard?

Special to the Courier From TPWD

The Texas horned lizard (aka horned toad) is fondly remembered by Texans who, as kids, carted them home in shoe boxes, kept them for pets and were sometimes traumatized by a defensive squirt of blood from the critters' eyes.
So how is the state reptile doing? The short answer: not so good. These days it's much harder to find. Biologists are documenting the reasons for the species' decline and researching successful ways to reintroduce this legendary Texas icon.
Texans can show their support for the horned lizard by sporting a horned lizard conservation license plate. The license plate purchase helps support horned lizard research activities.
Each set of horned lizard license plates costs just $30 and $22 goes directly to help fund conservation efforts for horned lizards and other native wildlife species right here in Texas.