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- Law West and East of Privilege Creek -

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, Oct. 6:
• Well, lookee here! A Bandera Boob is back in the clink and charged with myriad felonies, including two counts of sexual assault, prohibited sexual conduct, manufacture and delivery of a Penalty Grade 1 controlled substance, possession of certain chemicals and abandonment and endangerment of a child. Good luck, Bubba.
Tuesday, Oct. 7:
• A Skell from San Antonio was in and out of the county can after being picked up for a quintet of misdemeanors, to wit: violating two court orders, assault with bodily injury, possessing some kind of paraphernalia and stealing something worth not more than $1,500.
• A Bodacious Bandera Babe remains behind bars after being nicked for a felony warrant that could, if applied judiciously and with attention, revoke her probation.
• A Boozer from Bandera reached the ripe age of 43 before being busted on her first DWI.
• This is one of my favorite charges although I don't know what it is and I refuse to call BCSO and ask them AGAIN, so here goes. A 24-year-old Bandera Boyo found himself under arrest for misdemeanor "Duty Strking Fixture." Maybe he hit a stop sign or something. And, if that's the case, in the words of Secretary of State John Kerry, "Who among us ...?"
• A Leech from Leaky remains under lock & key because of accumulating five misdemeanor warrants from an outside agency.
• Oh, no, say it ain't so. An 83-year-young Cowboy Capital Crapulent finally received a first DWI.
Wednesday, Oct. 8:
A• Bandera Blockhead not only got pinched for a second DWI, but also a traffic offense to boot - and remains in the hoosegow for his trouble.
Friday, Oct. 10:
• A Lunk from Lakehills found himself busted for pot possession and for secredting a pipe in which to smoke it.
• Ditto a Pipe Creep and Bandera Bonehead, but their problem remains just the MJ not the pipe.
So, not only did this Lakehills Lovely get popped for her first DWI, but she was also discovered to be toting a dangerous drug as well.