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Man who crippled child paroled

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

Jeffrey Thompson, 42, was recently paroled by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice after serving seven years of an 80-year sentence for the crippling injuries he had delivered to then 5-month-old Dalton Oliver.
According to 216th District Assistant District Attorney Lucy Cavazos Wilke, who successfully prosecuted the case in 2007, the jury declined to find that the defendant's hands were 'deadly weapons.'
"A deadly weapon finding would have required him to serve 30 years flat day for day before becoming eligible for parole," Wilke explained. Regular parole eligibility, however, is based a formula in which the violator has to serve only one fourth of the sentence based on actual time served plus good time.
In Thompson's case, his actual time plus good time equaled 20 years, said Wilke.
Thompson, who was living in Lakehills at the time of the incident, was convicted of injuring little Dalton, his girlfriend's baby, so seriously he is blind and cannot walk, talk or eat on his own. The couple and the baby were living in a small travel trailer parked at a friend's house when the violent event occurred.
Thompson testified during the trial, which was held in Kendall County, that the baby's head hit a metal bed frame after Thompson tossed him on the bed. He claimed the impact caused the infant to bounce into a wall divider, knocking him unconscious. Thompson admitted to shaking the baby repeatedly in an attempt to revive him.
Thompson offered several accounts of how the baby sustained his awful injuries during the investigation of the May 23, 2005 incident. The baby's head hit a fan, the baby's head hit a door frame, the baby fell off the bed and hit his head, Thompson claimed at various times in interviews by law enforcement.
He always steadfastly maintained that the injuries were accidental, however.
The Kendall County jury wasn't convinced, and convicted Thompson of "knowingly and intentionally causing bodily injury" to the baby.