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- Law West and East of Privilege Creek -

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, Sept. 8:
• An Idjit from Elemendorf remains partaking of the largess of Bandera County taxpayers after being picked up on two felony warrants that may revoke his probation.
• A 19-year Lakehills Laddie was nicked for being a "minor in possession" of something he ought not to have been.
• Not only did a Bandera Blockhead attempt to resist arrest - unsuccessfully, as it turned out - but he also failed to identify himself adequately and, adding insult to injury, had a traffic offense.
A Souse from San Antone found himself charged with a first DWI.
• A Churlish Citizen of Pipe Creep apparently assaulted someone by contact.
Tuesday, Sept. 9:
• A Bandera Bad Boy remains confined to the county can after being collared for a misdemeanor warrant that may - or may not - nullify his probation.
• Yet another Bandera Boob is in hot water for his alleged felony unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.
• It seems as though a Pipe Creep tried to walk away with something worth between $1,500 and $20,000 and found himself charged with a felony instead and still in the hoosegow.
• A felonious young lovely - this one from Aransas Pass - also remains a guest of the Doo Drop Inn after being arrested for trying to relieve a person of something that obviously belonged to him - or her.
• Do I have to say it again? Pot possession is still illegal in the Lone Star State. Wheredaya think we live, Rocky Mountain High, Colorado?
• A Bandera Bonehead thought he could get away with perpetrating a little criminal mischief. He didn't.
Wednesday, Sept. 10:
• A Boozer from Bandera got nabbed for his first DWI.
Thursday, Sept. 11:
• A Scofflaw from San Antonio remains in Bandera's Big House on account of two - not one but two! - felony warrants that suggest he may not be out on probation much longer.
• It should come as no surprise to the avid readers of this "Better Call Saul" column that a Bandera Bohemian failed to heed the proposals of a previous court.
Friday, Sept. 12:
• Refer to the first arrest on Thursday, Sept. 11, except this Bounder is from Bryan.
• Oh, no, a Kerr-vert had to drive down to the Cowboy Capital to get popped for public intoxication. What? Don't they got no bars in Kerrville?
• A 22-year-old Cad from Cibolo made some verboten available to a minor.
Saturday, Sept. 13:
• After being laid hold of by a member of the local constabulary, a Kouple of Kerr-verts ound themselves facing myriad charges, including a first DWI, being pickled in public, pot possession and possession of some kind of controlled substance.
• A San Antonio Swine not only assaulted someone with bodily injury but he appears to have interfered with 9-1-1 calls, as well.
• A first DWI seems almost de rigueur for a resident of Bandera as one found out.