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EPA threatens private property rights


Time is running out for Texas landowners to let Environmental Protection Agency know it's time to "Ditch the Rule." The nationwide campaign started shortly after the EPA announced its proposed changes to the Clean Water Act.
"The EPA wants to take the word 'navigable' out of the Waters of the U.S. definition," said Barbara Mazurek, president of the Bandera County Farm Bureau. "Allowing the agency to expand their regulations will give them unlimited power over all water-including ditches, ponds and areas that occasionally flood."
According to Mazurek, expanding the scope of the EPA's power could have a negative impact on Bandera County landowners.
"If the EPA is allowed to regulate all bodies of water, including ditches and ponds, they can tell people how to use and work their land," she said. "The government will be able to require permits for things people do every day. If a permit isn't granted, we'll be unable to work our own land or face fines for doing so anyway."
Landowners are encouraged to talk to the legislators about the rule proposed before it's too late.
Additional information on "Ditch the Rule" and the actual rule is available at DitchTheRule.FB.org.