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Retired teachers seek members


Are you a retired teacher or school staff member living in Bandera County? Are you wanting to keep up to date with your retirement? Would you enjoy an occasional day out with friends who have retired from education? Well, the Bandera County Retired Teachers Association (BCRTA) is looking for you.
The BCRTA will have the first meeting of the 2014-2015 year on Sept. 17 at 11 am at the Community Center in Medina. Speaker for this gathering will be Ken Hanson, District Legislative Chairman, who will share the latest news from the legislature in regards to retirees. Questions and answers will follow.
Following the meeting, members and guests will share a meal across the street at Keese's BBQ.
The meeting will be BCRTA's annual school supply drive. Members are asked to bring items for students' use which will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Bandera.
For more information, please contact Doris Doebbler at 830-460-3956.