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- Law West and East of Privilege Creek -

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, August 25:
• A Slattern from San Antonio breezed into town and was promptly nicked for having a trio of traffic warrants following her.
• A Lovely from Lakehills apparently failed to mind the ministrations of a previous court.
• A Bandera Blockhead remains in the quod, charged with a quintet of misdemeanors, including weedwacking, assault with bodily injury, two violations of court orders and failing to heed the no-doubt wise suggestions of a previous court.
• An 18-year-old Bandera Bandito is clearly off on the wrong foot after being busted for possessing inhalant paraphernalia.
Tuesday, August 26:
• So, this criminal genius apparently forgot he was carrying blunt in a drug-free zone.
• Whereas another believer in "good living through chemicals" was popped for a felony after having been caught with more than one gram, but less than four grams of a controlled substance.
• A Lunkhead from Lakehills remains in the county can, charged with two counts of having prohibited weapons and for a felony detainer from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, meaning once the weapons' charges are adjudicated locally, the federales got dibs on him.
• Meanwhile an 18-year-old Boerne Bad Boy got popped in Bandera for attempting to boost something worth between $50 and $500 and for having a misdemeanor capius pro fine warrant out for him, to boot.
A Gringo from Goliad remains under lock & key on account of being charged with a felony motion that might eventually serve to revoke his probation.
Thursday, August 28:
• Despite a Bandera Bad Girl being picked up for two off-bond warrants - one a felony! - she managed to post bail again. Go figure. If it ha been me, I'd still be rottin' in Bandera's Big House!!!
Friday, August 29:
• A misdemeanor warrant that may - at some point in the future - serve to revoke her probation warranted the continued incarceration of a Helotes Hellion.
Saturday, August 30:
• A Sattidy nite in Bantucky just ain't complete without the use of a little herb thought one denizen of the Creek District. I guess he fergot, Texas ain't Colorado and got arrested for it.
• It looks like a couple of "Not So Young Lovers," ages 60 and 55, spent some hours in the slammer due to disorderly conducts.
• A Lawbreaker from Lakehills remains behind bars due to a felony off-bond warrant and a misdemeanor one from an outside agency.
• Perhaps the above guy's cohort in crime thought she was helping him by engaging in hindering his apprehension or prosecution, but the only thing that occurred from her ostensible actions was a felony charge.
• A Souse from San Antone motored all the way to Bandera in order to receive his first DWI.
• A Bandera Booby evaded arrest, but not very successfully, it seems, as he's still holed up in the hoosegow for his trouble.
• A Cretin from Converse assaulted someone that ended with bodily injury - the report did not specify who came out on the short end of the stick.
Sunday, August 31:
• A Pie-Eyed Pipe Creep thought he could get behind a wheel and motor along merrily. He was wrong and now finds himself charged with a second DWI.
• A Pipe Creek Colleague remains a guest of the Doo Drop Inn due to a felony CPF warrant and a misdemeanor one that could possibly revoke his probation.
Monday, Sept. 1:
• A pair of local yokels "labored" under the delusion that it was acceptable to celebrate Labor Day with illicit drugs; however, both were busted for the usual felony possession of a controlled substance.
• A Slug from San Antone remains in Bandera's Big House after troopers discovered he had - hot on his tail - a couple of misdemeanor warrants from an outside agency.
• Thus endth a holiday weekend in the Cowboy Capital of the World.