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Do a good deed to honor 9/11 Day

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

How do you observe 9/11 Day? Some spend time in prayer, others attend memorials for those who were lost in that shocking attack on America. Two friends, David Paine and Jay Winuk wanted to do something ,positive to remember the victims and heroes, including Winuk's brother Glenn, who died in the attacks.
In 2002, they created 9/11 Day. In 2004, they formed the nonprofit MyGoodDeed, which today is responsible for overseeing and organizing 9/11 Day each year in collaboration with many leading partners and the federal agency the Corporation for National and Community Service.
The nonprofit successfully helped secure federal legislation and a Presidential Proclamation that officially established 9/11 as a National Day of Service and Remembrance.
In 2011, for the 10-year anniversary of 9/11, MyGoodDeed partnered with HandsOn Network, the volunteer activation arm of the Points of Light Institute, to organize the single largest day of charitable service in United States history, with a record 33 million people participants.
Since then, participation in 9/11 Day has grown every year. In 2013, 47 million people participated.
Teachers and parents who want to talk to their children about 9/11 can go to the organization's website at www.911day.org to download six free lesson plans that make it easier to explain the events of 9/11 in constructive and non-threatening ways. The plans can help teachers, parents and children in paying tribute through charitable activities and doing good deeds.
To access and download the lesson plans for this year, visit the website and check out toolkits, lesson plans and videos, along with links to other youth education resources provided by the 9/11 Memorial and Museum and other great partners.
Follow the organization on Twitter and Facebook to find out what other groups are doing to remember 9/11's victims and heroes in such a positive way, and post your own activities.
Commemorative T-shirts with the motto "Do Something Good Today" are also available at the website with all proceeds going to the charity.