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Volunteer at SNA


Volunteers are always welcome at the ABK State Natural Area in Bandera County. Anyone with a little time to give can go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife website and go to the link for ABK SNA to get the ball rolling to become a volunteer. Park Superintendent James Rice says he is happy with someone who can give two hours a week, two hours a month, or even two hours a year!
Right now, Rice is organizing volunteers to assist with public hunt preparations.
Cedar cutting for field restoration is underway and is in need of volunteers. You don't have to use a chain saw unless you want to. Just pulling cut limbs out of the way is a huge help.
Butterfly surveys are currently underway as well.
If trees are your thing, volunteer to locate sites of bigtooth maples and count the trees. Other groups are identifying and counting other kinds of plants in the site.
Mapping of runoffs, dry creeks and springs is also being planned.
There is always office work and data input needed as well.