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Accidental shooting on Highway 46

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

An accidental shooting ended with gruesome repercussions for a Bandera County teenager.
An emergency 9-1-1 came through at 9:12 pm, Thursday, August 21, requesting EMS personnel to be dispatched to Mountain View Lane, off Highway 46, according to Bandera County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Matt King.
According to information in the law enforcement report, three teenagers were getting ready to go hog hunting that night. During preparations, an 18-year-old male was attempting to unload a 20-guage shotgun. He was aware that the shotgun was loaded, but was having trouble with the firearm.
"Apparently, the rounds were not ejected when he racked the gun and the guy fired the gun accidentally," King explained. "When the shotgun discharged, the shells hit a 16-year-old male in the groin."
After a consultation, EMS had arranged to meet the injured teen and other members of his party at the intersection of Highways 16 and 46. However, AirLife was called and transported the injured teen to University Hospital in San Antonio where he remains. His medical condition remains unknown at this time.
"I want to say that when around firearms, everyone should consider a gun as always being loaded, but the boy was fully ware of the status," King said. "In cases like these, I would remind everyone to please be mindful of where they point their firearms. Everyone knows the drill, never point a firearm at another person - never."