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Scam of the week

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

The latest phone scam reaching Lakehills is one in which the caller pretends to be "from the IRS" informing the recipient of a lawsuit connected to fraud and the person's social security number. The victim is urged to call immediately.
According to Barbara Hover of Lakehills, the number she was told to call was 202-470-3404.
"I had heard about a friend who also received this recorded message earlier this week," said Hover.
Other people have received calls from someone purporting to be the company from which they had purchased their computer software program. The friendly caller claims that problems have been occurring with the program and they need the customer's information to make an upgrade. Of course, any information the customer would provide would simply give the scammer access to accounts and files!
This writer received an email this week claiming to be the US Postal Service and informing me that multiple attempts had been made to access my USPS account. To protect my account, it was locked for 24 hours, and I could unlock it by updating my password. I don't understand how hacking works, but I'm sure that if I had followed the link, someone would have gotten access to more than my USPS account.
I was suspicious of the email, because it lacked any kind of professional looking USPS logo or other information, and had a misspelled word.
I checked with the local post office and was informed that the USPS would not send out that kind of email message.
Scams come up like weeds around here. Be aware, be alert, and don't get taken! Your grandson is not being held hostage in South America, your friend has not been mugged in London and now needs money to get home, and you are never going to get your hands on a share of some poor Nigerian woman's millions by being a good Samaritan!