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Scam alert - that robocall isn't from IRS


Administrators with the Federal Trade Commission recently issued a warning about fake IRS (Internal Revenue Service) calls that are tricking consumers into paying money they supposedly owe. However, the payment must be made using a prepaid card or wire transfer.
Scammers are spoofing their caller ID information to appear as if they are calling with the IRS. Once victims answer the phone, the scammers informs them they owe money to the IRS money, and that they can be arrested if they fail to pay.
While there is some variation to the scam, one common thread is the demand for money to be paid using prepaid debit cards, wire transfer or a credit card.
IRS agents and representatives do not require people to pay tax debts using prepaid debit cards or wire transfers. Those with legitimate tax debts or others issue to discuss with the IRS will be contacted by mail.
The IRS also does not use email, text messaging or social media to collect personal or financial information. Those worried about tax debt that may be owed are advised to contact the IRS at 800-829-1040.
For more information about this scam, visit https://www.allclearid.com/blog/scam-alert-that-robocall-probably-isnt-the-irs.