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Another city employee bites dust

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Although fiscal year 2014-2015 begins Wednesday, Oct. 1, City of Bandera elected and appointed officials have not yet scheduled a budget workshop or public hearing. Supposedly holding up the process are several account reconciliations - so-called journal entries - that must be dealt with before discussions of next year's budget can commence. Apparently, although checks for past expenditures have been located, invoices or work orders for those expenditures still elude officials.
However, according to Councilman Suzanne Schauman, a budget workshop should be expected if not next week, then sometime the week of Monday, August 25.
Additionally, interim treasurer Bruce Hanks also resigned effective Friday, August 15. Hanks, owner of Star Light Bookkeeping Services, recently took over fiduciary duties of former interim financial officer Mae Vion Meyers.
At an earlier meeting of Bandera City Council, Hanks had advised council that he did not have the time needed to devote to unraveling the city's finances. He also serves as executive director of the Arthur Nagel Community Clinic. Although he suggested that activities such as payroll be contracted out, council demurred, preferring that Hanks handle everything himself. However, when push finally came to shove, Hanks, it seems, decided to shove off.
On the agenda for the Thursday, August 21, meeting of city council is an agenda item: "Request to advertise to fill the vacant position of Treasurer."