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City elections - this just in ...

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

The wait is finally over. City of Bandera elections will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 4. Candidates for municipal offices have officially thrown their hats in the proverbial ring - and all rumors have been put to rest.
As expected, current Mayor Don Clark declined to pursue a second term, but Mayor Pro Tem John Hegemier has decided to opt for the city's top spot. He faces challenges from former Mayor Pro Tem Maggie Schumacher, back for a second go-round, and Brian Black, owner of the Longhorn Saloon, who must have figured "if ya can't beat 'em, join 'em."
Although city council boasts a trio of empty places, council candidates lucked out and do not face opponents in the fall - as in, three spots and only three declared contenders.
Jim Hannah will be back for a second term on the dais. He'll share the table with new colleagues Charlotte Browning-Black, Brian Black's "better half," who will slide into Hegemier's soon-to-be vacant - in one way or another - chair and Sheila Pumphrey will serve out the one year remaining in the late Nita Jenkins' unexpired term.
Next on tap for city elections will be the much-anticipated "drawing for places on the ballot." Let the games begin and be sure to stay tuned.