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- Law West and East of Privilege Creek -

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

"News of the Weird - sentences that is": A man in Canada who pleaded guilty to several charges of assault against his former girlfriend was sentenced to not being allowed to have a girlfriend for three years.

Monday, August 11:
• A Bandera Booby - at 37, certainly old enough to know better - thought she could get away with boosting something worth over $1,500 and under $20,000. She didn't and now finds herself charged with a felony.
Tuesday, August 12:
• A Boozer from Bandera got popped for his second DWI. One more strike and "yer out," Bubba.
• As if this Pipe Creek pot possessor wasn't in hot enuff water, as a result of purportedly tampering with or fabricating evidence, he's now been charged with a felony.
Wednesday, August 13:
• Two Lakehills Lushes fell victim to Demon Rum. A 26 year old was nicked for an initial DWI while a 71 year old was charged with merely being a half a sheet to the wind in public.
• A court ordered the arrest of a Bandera Babe and so she was. But she was also being dogged by a felony warrant from an outside agency - which may account for her continued stay in the choky.
• A Bandera Blockhead seems to be partial to collecting misdemeanor capius pro fine warrants from previous courts. This means he disregarded the kindly suggestions from a trio of no doubt benevolent judges.
Thursday, August 14:
• A Beastie Girl from Bandera is still enjoying "three hots & a cot," courtesy of Bandera taxpayers, for misdemeanor assault with bodily injury and yet another pesky felony warrant from an outside agency.
Friday, August 15:
• A guy who appears to have no origin - and probably no final destination - remains under lock & key for apparently burglarizing two habitats. Ah, an overreaching thief!
• So, not only is this Killjoy being housed for Kendall County, now he adds a felony warrant from an outside agency to his rap sheet.
Saturday, August 16:
• Well it would hardly be a Saturday nite in the Cowboy Capital if a Pipe Creep hadn't been picked up for being pissed in public while carrying a prohibited weapon.