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'Celebrate Bandera' - one of best in nation!

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Pictured: One of the highlights of last year's Celebrate Bandera was the unveiling of a bronze plaque proclaiming Bandera to be the official "Cowboy Capital of the World" - if not by an Act of Congress, then certainly by an Act of the Texas Legislature!

According to word just in, Celebrate Bandera has been selected as one of the "Seven Best Labor Day Weekend Festivals - All Family Friendly and Pure Fun" by the Family Travel Files Ezine at www.thefamilytravelfiles.com.
Bandera's blurb is filed under "Texas cowboys and longhorns - Celebrate Bandera."
Quoting from the website: "This annual event in Bandera, Texas offers classic (sometimes slightly quirky) cowboy style fun - dusty, engaging and lively.
"Because it is not far from my husband's hometown we have enjoyed several versions of the celebrations with our kids - each unique.
"From rodeo competitions and antics, an Intertribal Powwow and an awesome Wild West Show to longhorns on parade, gunslingers, stagecoach rides and the best western swing music in the country, it's family friendly at every turn."
Additionally, "Extra Fun" includes the frontier living history vignettes on Main Street and, of course, the near legendary Cow Patty Bingo. For more information, contact Celebrate Bandera toll-free at 1-800-364-3833 or email www.celebratebandera.com.
The six other fun family excursions recommended by Family Travel Files Ezine during the Labor Day weekend include:
• Tall ships and mini sails - Festival of Sail 2014, hosted by the Maritime Museum of San Diego, California
• Great music and beachfront fireworks - Virginia Beach American Music Festival in (where else?) the State of Virginia
• Larger-than-life frogs, rabbits and unicorns - Imaginary Worlds at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens in Georgia
• Time travel all weekend - New York Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo Park, NY
• Celebrate the arts in life at Seattle's Bumbershoot in Washington State
• Something old, something new always happens at the Gloucester Schooner Festival in Massachusetts
All sound like great fun, but local money will always be placed on Celebrate Bandera, the proceeds from which benefit the Bandera Community Foundation.