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Finding Henry Dominguez -body on PR 37 identified

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

On July 15, remains discovered on Park Road 37 in Medina County earlier in the month were positively identified as those of Enrique "Henry" Dominguez, 68, of Bexar County. Since his disappearance in early January, Dominguez had been the subject of an intensive search by Bexar County law enforcement officers and his close-knit family. He was reported missing on Jan. 18.
A body discovered in early July on Park Road 37 by a passerby was not reported locally because of its location in Medina County. At that time, the Bandera County Sheriff's Office had little information about or involvement in the discovery. The unidentified remains were transported to the office of the Bexar County Medical Examiner for an autopsy.
Later that week, investigators with the Medina County Sheriff's Office and Texas Rangers interviewed Dominguez's family members, who provided them with more information about the missing man. That information, as well as other leads, led to Dominguez's positive identification.
According to BCSO Chief Deputy Matt King, a tag from an article of clothing worn by the deceased had been traced back to California. Medina County investigators sent out an inquiry to other local law enforcement agencies to ascertain if someone with ties to California had been reported missing. Because Dominguez had retired to San Antonio from California approximately seven years ago, his name came up immediately.
After relocating to a neighborhood on the West Side of Bexar County, Dominguez, a 30-year drywall supervisor, had purchased several houses in the area to use as income-generating rental properties.
According to sources, Dominguez's death - most likely by a blow to the head - has been ruled a homicide. Authorities suspect that after his murder, the perpetrators dumped his body in rural Medina County. Sources also noted that after Dominguez's disappearance, his renters had apparently continued living in one of the rental properties and actually collected rent from the others. Texas Rangers, along with law enforcement officers from Medina and Bexar counties, continue the investigation.
Dominguez disappeared on Jan. 2. At that time, both his truck and 2011 E-350 black Mercedes also went missing. The Mercedes was recovered in the 1000 block of Jackson-Keller Road on Feb. 13, but forensics did not find any fingerprints. When recovered, Dominguez's truck also failed to yield any clues to the disappearance. In addition, authorities also recovered some of Dominguez's property near one of his rental houses on Martin Luther King Drive.
According to his nephew, Mike Mata, Dominguez celebrated New Year's in downtown San Antonio with a buddy. The friends made plans to "hook up" the following weekend - just a couple of days away. However, Dominguez's friend got no response and failed to contact him by phone. Instead, the friend received several suspicious calls that Dominguez had supposedly made.
Additionally, a second person had purportedly received text messages from Dominguez that made no sense. According to Mata, however, Dominguez didn't know how to text and never responded to text messages.
As the months passed, the family paid particular attention when bodies were recovered, but never gave up hope their beloved uncle would be safely restored to them - until a phone call from authorities on July 15.
"[Henry's] very loyal to those he cares about and extremely generous, he doesn't judge. Henry is a good person, cousin, uncle, brother and list goes on. He deserves everything and anything we can do to find him. We don't give up on family, especially those who count and Henry counts! We need our Henry home," Mata wrote on the Facebook page "Finding Henry Dominguez."
Henry, their cousin, uncle and brother, is coming home at last. Now all that remains is identifying, prosecuting and punishing his killer(s).