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GOPP - Grand Ol' Pet Parade

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

A three-day weekend might have contributed to the slightly decreased the number of companion animals vying for the titles of Best of Show, Most Creative, Look-a-Like, Most Original, Favorite Storybook Character, Star-Spangled, Most Talented and Best of the Wild West.
However, you couldn't tell it from the horses, ponies, poultry, dogs and other beloved pets that competed in the 18th annual CCPAL (Cowboy Capital Pet Assistance League) Pet Parade on Friday, July 4.
On Independence Day, Bandera City Park was filled with cosseted, radiantly colored, bedecked, bedizened and primped four- and two-legged friends ready to strut their stuff for judges, Becky Bradford, who serves as animal control liaison for Bandera County; Marcia Kabat, owner of Bandera General Store; and Ed Hodges of banderaradio.com.
When the dust settled, the following prizes were awarded:
• Best of Show - Chow chows, Elvira and Jolene, Joyce and Richard Hayes of Dripping Springs
• Most Creative - Steppi the Goose, Erin of Pipe Creek
• Look-a-Like - First, Dylan the German shepherd, Kayleigh Ellis; Second, Maltese Bichon Halo, Beaux Heard of Bandera; and Third, Dee-Dee an CCPAL rescue, shown by Rayni Sandidge of Bandera
• Most Original - First, Appaloosa Stetson, Brianna Heard; Second, Charlie, a paint Appaloosa, Jeanne Beauxbeannes of Bandera; and Third, Appaloosa Chism, Bull Heard, also of Bandera
• Storybook Character - First, Collie mix Belle, and Bouvier mastiff Gabby, John-John Stein of Magnolia; and Second, Chihuahua mix Moose, Jackson Jacoweiz of Bandera
• Star-Spangled - First, lab mix Asha and Cocker Spaniel Pollux, Victoria Sylvie Kitzman (Pollux was adopted from the Bandera County Animal Control and Asha may still be available for adoption.) Second, pony Domino, Cassie Ballow of Bandera; and Third, border collie Marci, Kenzie and Rheagan Walters of Bandera
• Most Talented - First Yorkie Collin and English Springer Spaniel Byron, Sarah of San Antonio (Collin was rescued from the United Yorkie Rescue and Byron from English Springer Spaniel Rescue of America.) Second, rescued mixed breed, Emma Reyes of San Antonio
• Best of Wild West - only one entry and the Chow Chows, Elvira and Jolene won best of Show, so no places. (IMO, the chows won by default.)