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Vehicle burglaries - don't let yours be the next one

Special to the Courier

According to City of Bandera Marshal James "Charlie" Hicks, deputies and investigators with the Kerr County Sheriff's Office are working on numerous cases of vehicle burglaries that have occurred throughout their county.
"Most of the vehicles were left unlocked," said Hicks, noting that vehicle burglaries are a "crime of opportunity." He continued, "Although this type of burglary take only a few seconds, it can be costly to the owners. The most important thing you can do is remove valuables and lock your vehicle every time you exit."
Hicks offered these simple reminders to thwart any would-be car and pickup truck burglers. Always remember to:
• Remove all garage door openers, cellular phones, GPS trackers, sunglasses, loose change, checkbooks, audio systems, computers, packages, sports equipment, cameras, purses, wallets and anything else of value when exiting your vehicle.
• Lock the vehicle glove box. "Thieves are able to get into some vehicles without leaving any visible signs of a break-in - especially if you leave your doors unlocked," Hicks said.
• Take the removable face of a CD player with you even if you plan to be gone for only a few minutes. Also, remove any accessory items including power cords, mounting brackets or other items that indicate there might be small electronics in the vehicle. According to Hicks, any indication that electronics may be in the vehicle can be an invitation for a car burglar.
• Lock truck tailgates and toolboxes.
• Consider installing locking devices on gas caps, batteries, tires, steering wheel and audio equipment.
Hicks also urged people to call the Bandera County Sheriff's Office at 830-796-3771 to report any suspicious activity or vehicles in an area. He also cautioned, "Do not put yourself in harm's way, call law enforcement. Remember, most vehicle burglaries can be prevented if you remove valuables and lock all vehicles."