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- Law West and East of Privilege Creek -

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, July 21:
• A Cretin from Crystal City remains under lock and key due to a felony failure-to-appear warrant and a felony judgment nisi. For all you information buffs out there, www.lectlaw.com/def/j030.htm defines judgment nisi as "an intermediate judgment which will become final unless a party appeals or formally requests the court to set it aside." So there ...
• Apparently a Bandera Bad Boy verbally threatened someone, which is illegal. At 51, this guy should have known better.
• Although a Lakehills Lunkhead resisted arrest, possessed pot and drove badly, which culminated in a traffic offense, he bonded out of the quod in record time.
Tuesday, July 22:
• A Scofflaw from San Antone remains incarcerated on myriad charges, including a quartet of felonies such as three failure-to-appear warrants and that pesky judgment nisi, plus a trio of misdemeanor bouncings of rubber checks. Ouch!!!
• A sextet of misdemeanors, including a second DWI, three failure-to-appear warrants, being a weekwacker and unlawful carrying seemed sufficient to sent a Fredericksburg Fool to the slammer where his continued residence is required. Dude, in the words of my father: "Straighten up and fly right!
• A Lug from Lakehills could use a little anger management training after being arrested for misdemeanor assault with bodily injury. For what it's worth, he's still in the can.
• As is this Bandera Bonehead for felony burglary of a building and making a terroristic threat, to boot.
Wednesday, July 23:
• What's this? A misdemeanor "other" warrant is keeping an A-Hole from Austin in our fair jug?
• After spending about 48 hours in the county choky, a Pipe Creep, charged with four counts of failing to adhere to the suggestion of previous courts and for having injection paraphernalia, bonded out.
• Whereas a female Cat's Paw from Corpus remains a guest of the Doo Drop Inn on account of accumulating a quintet of misdemeanors, including a trio from an outside agency, failing to identify herself and for possessing a dangerous drug.
• What is with the Lake District? It appears another denizen has got hisself booked for assault with bodily injury.
Thursday, July 24:
• Oh, no, two felony failure-to-appear warrants tripped up a Freak from F'burg. For those who care, he's still receiving three hots and a cot, courtesy of YOU.
Friday, July 25:
• An 18 year old from College Station couldn't outrun a warrant from an outside agency.
• A Lakehills Lawbreaker remains in Bandera's Big House for hindering apprehension or prosecution, being unable to duck to failure-to-appear warrants and possessing inhalant paraphernalia, which may explain the other charges.
• A 66-year-old Loon from Leander remains in the X Bar Inn for a felony warrant that might eventually revoke her probation.
• A local yokel was busted for having weed and a Penalty Grade 1 controlled substance, as well.
• After being booked at the jail for being pie-eyed in public and for pot possession, a couple of Cock-Eyed Cowboy Capital Criminals mistakenly failed to surrender their other illegal substances and both now face felony charges.
Saturday, July 26:
• After being nicked for a first DWI, a Stooge from San Antonio now faces INS charges. Could someone please explain to me why someone in this country illegally would get crocked and proceed to motor along merrily?
• Another Saturday nite in Bandera brings another habitué pissed in public.
• A Bandera Bad Girl remains in the poky after not only being dogged by a failure-to-appear warrant, but also driving without a license. Go figure.