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- Law West and East of Privilege Creek -

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Law quote: Council for the defense was prepared to prove: 1) "My client shot in self defense, your honor." 2) "Law enforcement officers did it and stuck the gun in my client's hand." 3) "My client was 100 miles away when the crime happened."

Monday, July 7:
• A Jewish saying goes: "If the week starts out badly, it will end well." Well, this Bandera Bad Boy was picked up for a felony warrant from an outside agency and as a felony fugitive warrant. We'll see.
• Yet another Bandera Blockhead found himself on the Wrong Side of the Law when he was nicked for having no valid vehicle inspection sticker and for a misdemeanor traffic warrant, as well.
Tuesday, July 8:
• Usually I don't list contract inmates, but this one is a doozy. A F'burg Felon - literally - is being housed in the county clink, charged with 12 felonies and four misdemeanors. Where is Super Max when ya need it?!
Wednesday, July 9:
• A Pipe Creep remains in the quod charged with a felony warrant that may revoke his probation and two misdemeanors that indicated he had not taken to heart the kind words of previous courts.
Thursday, July 10:
• A court order that a Blockhead from Bandera be arrested on a duo of felony charges and so he was - for four days.
Friday, July 11:
• A Bandera Boozer, popped for a first DWI, remains under lock and key for his breach.
Saturday, July 12:
• I think after Kerr-Vert struck a street sign (DUTY STRKNG FIXTURE?) of some sort, he was charged with that and with being three sheets to the wind in public. But, of course, I could be wrong.
Sunday, July 13:
• On the Sabbath, a Stoner - or whatever - from San Antone finds himself confined to the clink for attempting to evade arrest and for being found with inhalant paraphernalia after he failed to do so. He was also found to have a felony warrant from an outside agency and a misdemeanor "other" warrant. For good measure, he was charged with criminal trespass. This 10 year old has been a busy boy.
Monday, July 14:
• Two misdemeanor traffic warrant seemed sufficient to someone to keep this Lakehills Lawbreaker in Bandera's Big House for a bit.