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Shoot the messenger... AND HIS FRIENDS

By Gail Joiner BCC Publisher

The Publisher's Opinion

By Gail Joiner
BCC Publisher

According to Wikipedia, "a political cartoon typically combines artistic skill, hyperbole and satire in order to question authority and draw attention to corruption and other social ills." According to wiki.answers.com: "Editorial cartoons, like written editorials, have an educational purpose. They are intended to make readers think about current political issues. Editorial cartoons must use a visual and verbal vocabulary that is familiar to readers." The massive number of political cartoons, published daily in this country, usually misses the mark. Obviously this one hit a bull's eye.
Although most members of today's media have been caught up in the game of political correctness, the Courier still believes that a newspaper is the watchdog of the people. According to people-press.org, "broad majorities continue to say the press acts as a watchdog by preventing political leaders from doing things that should not be done ..."
The Courier's cartoonist, Dennis Allyn, not only made a journalistic point in his cartoon, but held up the professional purpose of a newspaper, pointing out the inappropriate leadership currently being demonstrated by the officials elected to represent the people in the City of Bandera.
The author of this "editorial" sent to the Courier anonymously, regurgitates many descriptive words toward the Courier. However, the city officials have verified the truth of the cartoon with their reaction. Allyn is a part of the Cowboy Capital Gunfighters funded by the Bandera Business Association (BBA) to entertain local tourists every weekend. We understand that certain city officials have threatened to "pull funding from the BBA" due to the opinion expressed in his cartoon. Once again, the inappropriate threats of the city, to attack the BBA and the Gunfighters to cover the facts, demonstrates the precise accusation of the original cartoon and demands the use of each of the descriptive words to describe themselves.
In closing, the Courier hopes that Dennis Allyn will continue to produce cartoons that accurately depict the behavior of our local politicians. We hope that the citizens of Bandera and Bandera County realize that an "opinion" ceases to be an "opinion" when it is proven to be a "fact." We pray that the coward who postulated (assumed without proof) these accusations toward the Courier will wise up and see the truth as it stands. Meanwhile, the Courier will continue to report, to the public, when the city officials choose to meet behind closed doors or question the necessity of making "public meetings" known to the public. We will also continue to put our names on every article and every cartoon and assume full responsibility for our "watchdog" behavior.