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New SCAM tied to BHS sports

Special to the Courier

According to Sandy Jennings, president of the Bandera High School Athletic Booster Club, several telemarketers are calling Bandera businesses, attempting to sell them ad space for a so-called "Football Calendar" and other sports-related items.
Jennings said none of these companies are associated with the Bandera Independent School District or the BHS Athletic Booster Club - or any booster club for that matter.
"I have personally reported these companies to the office of the United States Attorney General but the investigative process is slow," Jennings said. "In the meantime, Bandera dollars are being spent on out-of-town and out-of-state companies that have nothing to do with the local schools or community."
She continued, "Only one entity sells ads for the football (fall sports) calendar, football program, spirit signs, etc. - the Bandera High School Athletic Booster Club."
Jennings said the booster club would be sending out information in person and by mail beginning on July 1. "Look for our official logo on all of our paperwork," she cautioned.
BHS student athletes depend on ad sales to finance uniforms, equipment, meals, travel expenses and other necessary items that cannot be funded by the school district due to lack of funds. "We greatly appreciate all support received from the Bandera business community family and we want to work together to stop these fraudulent companies," Jennings said.
According to information from US Attorney General's office, it is not too late to demand that funds be returned for "ads" purchased from these misleading companies.
"Please help us work together to make sure Bandera money stays in Bandera! Thank you for your support!" Jennings said.