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Scammers more sophisticated, but still scammers nonetheless


In the past month, local business owners have contacted City of Bandera Marshal James "Charlie" Hicks twice about a new scam making the rounds. The business owners have reported that unknown persons have used the telephone numbers of the businesses, attempting to gain customers' credit card information.
"This is a scam," Hicks said. "Please be careful if you are contacted because the reports noted that the name of the person and or business will show up on caller identification. We have no idea how the scammers do this but it is real and has happened twice in our city."
If residents receive this kind of phone call, Hicks advised them to hang up and contact the business owner in person if possible and make them aware of what happened.
"I have instructed the business owners to file a complaint with the Office of the Texas Attorney General," Hicks said. "There is a tab on the AG's website to report scams. I have been assured that if the complaint is filed, it will be investigated."