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- Law West and East of Privilege Creek -

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Note to all law enforcement officers: "Avoid biting when a simple growl will do."

Tuesday, June 10:
• So, not only was this Bandera Blockhead three sheets to the wind in public, he was also found to be carrying illegally, e.g., without a CHL.
• While being housed in our hoosegow as a contract inmate, a Fool from Fredericksburg was found to be not such a legal immigrant after all.
Wednesday, June 11:
• A 66-year-old Meathead from Medina was arrested for felony indecency with a child.
Thursday, June 12:
• Not content to have assaulted someone by contact, a local yokel indulged in a bit of felony criminal mischief, as well.
Friday, June 13:
• Not realizing it was Friday the 13th, a Kielbasa from Kirby decided to press his luck and burgle a building. As luck would have it, he's still a resident of the Doo Drop Inn.
Saturday, June 14:
• A person of indeterminate sex was popped for a felony warrant that may or may not revoke his or her probation. For those who are interested in such things, the person remains under lock & key - a rarity in these here parts, to be sure!
• Another fine, upstanding Cowboy Capital Citizen also remains in the county can for being dogged by two felony failure-to-appear warrants.
• Okay, 'splain something to me. This Bodacious Bandera Bonehead was taken into custody for two felony off-bond warrants, which would indicate she didn't comply with the rules, regs and restrictions of a previous bond(s). Yet, she bonded out of jail the next day. Huh? Maybe this time, she'll play by the rules.
• A 21-year-old Bandera Boozer was busted for his second DWI. The clock is tickin', Brainiac.
Sunday, June 15:
• It seems another well-brought-up young lady found herself hauled off to the hoosegow after she assaulted someone with bodily injury. Well, that's one way to settle an argument.
• A Sicko from Summerset finds himself in hot water - and still confined to Bandera's Big House - after being nicked for DWIing with a child in his vehicle.
Monday, June 16:
• A Lunkhead from the Lake District was stopped in his tracks by a felony warrant from an outside agency. As yet, he's not been able to resume his trekking.